Crespine ® gel + is the first Product Worldwide Manufactured by Biopolymer GmbH-Germany as a one single intra-articular injection for Osteoarthritis treatment composed of Hyaluronic Acid – Prilocaine Combination, contained in a 2ml prefilled syringe with a final form of cross linked Hyaluronic Acid gel obtained from non-animal source origin to act for a duration of one year in Articular Joints.

Benefits of using Crespine®gel + :

  • One single injection treatment course for 9 months.
  • Cost-effective for patients
  • No reported side-effects
  • Long-Lasting relief
  • Delays the need for surgery
  • Cross-Linked Stabilized HA/PRILOCAINE
  • Non animal origin

optivisc single 90 inj

OPTIVISC SINGLE - Premium single shot viscosupplement

  • OPTIVSC SINGLE-is a sterile viscoelastic gel of highly concentrated crosslinked 3% hyaluronic acid gel having 90 mg of hyaluronic acid per 3 ml syringe designed for intra articular injection in the knee joint for osteoarthritis treatment.
  • OPTIVISC SINGLE is highly viscous gel formulated with high molecular weight (3 Mio Dalton) injectable grade hyaluronic acid from bio-fermentative origin. OPTIVSC SINGLE is a sterile viscoelastic gel of highly concentrated cross-linked hyaluronic acid having 60 mg per 2 ml and 90 mg per 3 ml syringe.
  • OPTIVISC SINGLE-is a highly viscous gel formulated with high molecular weight (3 Mio Dalton) injectable grade hyaluronic acid from biofermentative origin.
  • OPTIVISC SINGLE-is a single injection treatment regimen recommended for one injection every six months.
  • OPTIVISC SINGLE-is available in a 3 ml pre-filled syringe and terminally sterilized in a user friendly blister.



Crespine Gel Injection is used for Osteoarthritis, Skin diseases, Eye surgeryPlastic surgery of skin, Wrinkles on the face and other conditions. Crespine Gel Injection may also be used for purposes not listed in this medication guide.

Crespine Gel Injection contains Sodium Hyaluronate as an active ingredient.

Crespine Gel Injection works by Works to eliminate friction and increases the effectiveness of the fluid within the knee joint to act as a lubricant and shock absorber.

Biopolymer Gmbh And Co Kg manufactures Crespine Gel Injection.

Detailed information related to Crespine Gel Injection's uses, composition, dosage, side effects and reviews is listed below.

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