The baby's belt cramps relief works in such a way that the heater is triggered by a mild (click-clack) pressure on the metal plate. Then wait for crystallization of the contents, it is placed in the belt and fastened around the belly of the baby. After use, the heater is boiling in water and left until the contents return to the original shape (ie, until it becomes transparent). The time it takes to return to the original shape is approximately 8 minutes. Once the heater is completely cool, it is ready for reuse.

The set contains: a belt plus a heater that is given below in the images

grejac pecat  +  pojas

peleni sirok povoj mala

Created in collaboration with experts in the field of orthopedics and physiotherapy. It is comfortable for the baby and irreplaceable for the mother. The diaper is made of quality material and it is a simple and practical solution for the mother and the baby.

It is made simply by the disposable diaper, which you use, and replaces two diaper diapers and one sweater.
Very easy to maintain, wash in a machine at 40 ° C, and ironing is not necessary.

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